The Team

Director of the Project: Angelos Delivorrias

Organization and coordination of the Project: Stavros Vlizos

Architecture: Emmanouil Korres, Maria Magnisali, Themistoklis Mpilis

Road network/entrance to the sanctuary: Eleni Kourinou, Yanis Pikoulas

Quarries: Georgia Kokkorou-Aleura

Cult and religion: Yiannis Sakellarakis, Aggeliki Petropoulou

Protohelladic pottery: Adamantia Vasilogamprou

Prehistoric finds: Katerina Demakopoulou

Geometric Pottery: Vicky Vlachou

Bronze finds: Petros Kalligas

Epigraphy: Nasos Themos, Helena Zavvou

Numismatic/coins: Vasso Penna

Byzantine era: Aimilia Mpakourou

Travellers: Paraskeuas Matalas

Museology-Archaelogical sites management: Marlen Mouliou, Stavros Vlizos

Archive: Georgia Gratsa

Database: Sofia Stamou

GIS:William Guthe, Princeton University


2005: Manos Skoufoglou (N.T.U. Athens)
2007: Dafne Kesisoglou (N.T.U. Athens)
2008: Erna Müller & Sophia Nomicos (Universität Münster)
2009: Erna Müller & Sophia Nomicos (Universität Münster), Anna Finkbeiner & Katrin Müller (L.-M. Universität München), Constanze Graml (Universität Heidelberg)
2010: Konstantina Papavasileiou (Harokopion University), Katrin Müller, Uta Paula Wenzel (Universität München), Sophia Nomicos, Anne Heselhaus (Universität Münster), Marc Tietz (Universität Mainz), John Tully (Princeton University)
2011: David Biederman (Universität Münster), Chrysovalantis Kanaridis (L.-M. Universität München), Niki Simitzi (University of Ioannina)
2012: David Biederman (Universität Münster), Zorzeta Theophilou (University of Athens), Despoina Nika and Niki Simitzi (University of Ioannina)
2013: David Biederman (Universität Münster), Nicola Nappert (Universität Münster), Zorzeta Theophilou (University of Athens), Despoina Nika, Niki Moraiti and Niki Simitzi (University of Ioannina), Nefeli Eleni Piree Iliou (University of St Andrews)

Conservation: Laboratory of the 5th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities in Sparta, Laboratory for ceramics of the Benaki Museum Athens

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